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For most moms, life can be defined as before kids, and after kids. Children change our lives indefinitely and make us question ourselves every day. As it’s been said a million times, being a mom is not easy. You lose a little glamour when the aroma of sour milk replaces your designer perfume. Your dignity takes a hit when your toddler announces to the grocery store cashier that, mommy loves donuts…she eats them after I go to bed. And you inevitably lose your last shred of mystery when it comes to privacy in the bathroom. But what you gain from being a mom far outweighs all of those things. Being called “mommy” by tiny new voices is better than any Dior fragrance. Seeing your child, who is part of you, learn how to kick a ball or pirouette is better than a million donuts. And as a mother, there are moments you can glimpse straight into heaven…the sun reflecting off your napping daughter, your baby boy’s first grin… those moments make all the hard ones worth it. Being a mom is the best thing in the world! Besides, privacy is totally overrated. We all want to be better moms, every day. We want to be there for our children, to give them the best experiences that childhood can offer. We aren’t perfect, but we are trying. At HowDoesShe, we are all moms just like you, trying to do the best we can. We know that there is no recipe for the perfect mom, but, we can become better #NowMoms.

A #NowMom loves her role as a mother and makes being a mom a priority. She makes time for each of her kids and shows them love in little, every day ways. #NowMoms live in the now, cherishing even the smallest moments and recognizing them as precious. A #NowMom doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and even when life’s not perfect and the job gets hard, she is profoundly happy.

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This new book is a compilation of our absolute favorite inspirational articles and parenting ideas to serve as encouragement on your motherhood journey. It has free printable dinner questions to get fun conversations going, and a great daily checklist to have handy. This book is a reminder that we moms are the backbones of our families and that we are never alone in the trials and joys of being a parent. We hope you enjoy this ride called motherhood, and that you embrace your inner. #NowMom.


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